Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where I Seem to Thrive Best (for now at least)

A recent vacation from work allowed for a weekday artist's date. 

Not sure if I shared this bit of information or not...  I've been on vacation from work since the evening of December 21 (which seems like ions ago...).

It has been a wonderful break from the norm.  Amazingly, amidst a vast supply of pretty much on-demand relaxation, I've accomplished a good deal in this past 11 days: blogged, worked on my new book, created art, hired a mentor, signed up for a blogging e-course, reflected a lot, sketched plans for the future... Yum!

Despite my noted productivity in doing those things I adore, however, I find I'm not as dedicated to my systems of self-care as I tend to be when added "plates" are spinning in the air.  I generally eat a few more sweets, lounge in the yoga wear far more than I dress up, "hole up" in the house versus venturing out into the frigid cold, drink a bit too much java, have that extra glass of vino in the evening, opt for sloppily tying my hair back into a bun versus styling it, etc., etc., etc.,  Hmmm...  

I know it doesn't make sense--but that's how it is.  When I get uber relaxed, I tend to get lax.

Heading back into work, today, somehow means I'll again be more vigilant about eating plenty of fruits and veggies while also saying "No" to the processed stuff, drinking scads of H2O, taking daily steps to adorn myself in a way that reflects my authentic, artsy self, styling my hair each morn... In essence, it means I'll be on my "game" again.

There's an old saying that I totally buy into.  It's something akin to this: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."  Similarly, I say, "When I've devised systems that serve me well, holistically, the opportunity to do my "right work" full-time will appear."

Yup, when I get into place certain mechanisms that will result in my own maximum self-care (allowing me on-demand relaxation yet enabling me to keep that self-nurturing "edge" I've honed so well); then, and only then, will I inhabit my dream sphere on a full-time basis.  Until then, it's back to the "busy, busy" as it's where I seem to thrive best (for now at least).

Happy Wednesday!  Joy & peace. T.