Monday, January 7, 2013

Transformative Growth

Ever find yourself suddenly drawn, rather repeatedly, to something inexplicably?  An image? Color? Feeling? Treasured memory?  When I do, I consider it an internal message--an inkling courtesy of my dear Wise Self.

As of late (maybe the last 2-3 weeks), I find myself mesmerized/fascinated by images of butterflies (Please note my medley of recent art journal collages above). As a result, I did a bit of research...  What I found is that the butterfly symbolizes transformation.  That, I like!

When I think of transformation, I naturally visualize change.  The process of transforming undoubtedly involves growth... Interestingly enough--that's what I felt compelled to podcast about this last weekend: personal growth (Missed that episode? Click here to access. Show notes for that episode are found here.).

About a week and a half ago, I sat down and did something I'd never done before: listed (in the beloved art journal) my potential growth opportunities (those areas in which I hope to grow, gain skills, shed undesired patterns, etc.) for 2013.  A day later, I returned to my art journal to sketch out ways I could step toward said growth opportunities during the month of January. Amongst my strategies were: do one thing that is different or makes me uncomfortable daily (Both proposed actions promote change and growth...).

It's Monday, and with a 7 p.m. work-related meeting noted on the calendar, I know it's bound to be a long one.  Today, I vow to do one thing differently (or that I deem to be uncomfortable) in order to allow for my emergence from the cocoon--with sparkly + elegant wings poised for flights of fancy.

Joy & peace.  T.