Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking Back=Benefits: February 2012 Dreams...

February 2012's dreams...sketched into my art journal...

Sometimes, it's good to look back... See where I was... Understand what I've done... Use it to learn, grow and celebrate a bit...

At the time my February 2012's dreams were sketched, I hadn't even launched this blog yet.  I was about to, though... Yup, it was the dreaming, pre-planning and efforts which took place in February 2012 (and several months beforehand) that made this blog's launch (in early March 2012) all possible. 

It's fascinating to look back at what my dreams were nearly one year ago.  It is also useful--as I have even borrowed a few of these in crafting my February 2013 dreams (to be published this Friday on the blog!).  

Here's what I dreamed of doing last year at this time, my February 2012 dreams:
  • Don red on 2/3;
  • Teleclass on 2/7;
  • Teleclass follow-up;
  • Savor moi day 2/20;
  • Half-day artist's date;
  • Mini artist's date;
  • Buy Lynne Franks' books;
  • Buy bath salts + tea lights (for luxurious soaks in the tub--no doubt!);
  • Read Alexandra Stoddard's Living in Love;
  • Work on blog launch;
  • Get a massage;
  • Buy myself a piece of vintage jewelry;
  • Do something special for myself on 2/3;
  • Read Christine Arylo's Madly in Love with Me Guidebook;
  • Teleclass 2/22;
  • Treat myself to a latte;
  • Sport my vintage black lace dress with gifted cashmere cardigan;
  • Volunteer at Zonta Club Chili Cook-off;
  • Color block with tights (a new endeavor last year--something I do frequently + comfortably these days!);
  • Lunch break @ BGSU; and
  • Read Sue Patton Thoele's Courage to be Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem.
What about you?  Do you ever look back at your dreams from an earlier time or reread your journal?  Please let me know.  Would relish hearing about it!

Hugs & peace!  T.