Thursday, December 20, 2012

Choosing Creative Authenticity

Black & White & Red All Over... Yes, there is plenty of black and white.  The red, perhaps, is more like “a subtle infusion” versus “all over.”  The photo above features what I wore to work, yesterday.

Not so long ago, I would never have dared to wear red tights (much less stiletto short boots and RED lipstick) into the office for fear I might be perceived as "unprofessional." Now, I embrace each day’s opportunity to authentically showcase my creative side through my dress (See past related posts here, here and here). 

True love and celebration of self requires us to let our authentic selves shine—despite what others might think.  I came across a fabulous tweet on Twitter, yesterday.  It’s so very much in line with this healthy way of thinking. Hope it inspires you as much as it did me:  “It’s not your job to like’s MINE!  --Byron Katie.” 

Joy, grace and peace!!!  T.