Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eternal Presents

Back in 2006, I wrote a book: Eternal Presents: Accepting and Using the Precious, Intangible Gifts Others Give Us (available on Amazon and Etsy). Even though a sizable portion of it was written in December, it’s not a holiday book (per se).  Nevertheless, there is the theme of “presents," which makes it seasonally appropriate for this time of year.  Come to think of does include a couple of stories from holiday seasons past, too. Of course, there is also my sons' artwork on the cover.  Hmmm... Perhaps it is somewhat of a holiday book...

Below, is an excerpt from the book’s introduction:

Others give us eternal presents all the time; whether it’s in their subtle advice that has long-term impact or kind gestures (the kind we never forget). If we accept these wonderful gifts, they will be with us for the rest of our lives—ready for use at any time. Consciously accepting these gifts and using them in the spirit in which they were given to us is the goal.

Eternal Presents: Accepting and Using the Precious, Intangible Gifts Others Give Us details my personal accounts of the most important life lessons others gave to me. It is my hope that my stories will inspire others to realize the importance of recognizing the gifts they receive from others throughout their lives, but to also impart upon readers the valuable insights I have gained over time.

I wrote Eternal Presents, in my spare time, over a nearly four-month period, shortly after my youngest sister, Karolanne, was diagnosed with leukemia.  My writing of this book became my haven--my solace—a therapy of sorts--during life’s most frightening of days.  In retrospect, this book likewise became my personal affirmation for the many things I had to be thankful for—despite the difficulties I was encountering at that point in my life.

Eternal Presents has 16 chapters, each dedicated to a timeworn, treasured gift I, myself, have been granted over time.  Amongst those gifts are courage, creativity, living well, inner beauty, balance, and use of my own voice. 

What eternal presents do you cherish most? Who gifted them to you?  In this season of present giving, reflect on life's most cherished of gifts--the precious, intangible ones.  T.