Monday, December 10, 2012

Minimalism Rocks!

Hanging fewer ornaments on the tree this year=more free time for me 
fewer items to take down next month!

This past weekend was the perfect example of how minimalism can truly rock.

Saturday, I chose to forego various housekeeping chores in lieu of writing and podcasting.  Nope, the house isn't spic and span.  What I gained, however, was marked progress toward attaining several of this month's personal dreams.  In essence, I did less (so to speak) and achieved something far more meaningful. Hmmm...

Those who read the blog will note that yesterday's post simply consisted of my publishing the most recent Tickled Pink Woman podcast show notes.  Yup, rather than writing an added post, I spent some amazing downtime Sunday morning sipping mocha java and listening to holiday music while reading.

Mark and I then headed to Michigan late-morning to enjoy a lunch date with our oldest son.  Returning home, mid-afternoon, I decided the best use of my time was to nap.  It was glorious! I awoke even more refreshed; new creative inspirations abounding. Hmmm, again...

This minimalism stuff is something I can definitely get used to...

Joy and peace this one-of-a-kind day!  T.