Thursday, December 6, 2012

Surprise Packages

Opening holiday gifts in 2011

A couple of Decembers ago, I met with a dear friend, for a drink after work.  Holiday lights twinkling, as seasonal tunes played softly in the background, we sipped wine.  There, she relayed to me her recently-learned knowledge that a board member (from her former job) had sabotaged her. She was truly troubled by the thought that the woman (who she had once admired) had acted against her in this way.  She further shared her angst over having to continue some level of interaction with this person--as both belonged to several of the same civic organizations, served as volunteers for the same charities, etc.

Once she finished talking, I told her, “That’s terrible, but it's also a gift.  Actually, it's what I call a “surprise package.” “Huh?” she asked, obviously puzzled.  I went on to explain to her that, as a result of her recent experience, she was now armed with the knowledge of who she was truly dealing with.  Having this sort of information would enable her to be more selective in how, when and/or if she did choose to affiliate with this person in the future.  Basically, she was granted a form of "intelligence" that gave her the upper hand.   

Surprise packages are the lessons learned, the knowledge gained, the ability to understand who or what you are dealing with, the realization that your Wise Self had been right all along, and so many other intangible gifted goodies.  In the beginning, it is sometimes hard to see the gift in the situation—which makes it different from an eternal present.  Both have equally-weighted value, though.

When life hands you a “parcel” you’d rather discard, give it further inspection.  Who knows?  It could turn out to be a treasured surprise package. 

Joy and peace.  T.