Friday, December 28, 2012

My 2013 Guiding Mantra...

The page is blank. 
The pen is in your hand.
This chapter (in life) is yours to author…
Please join me in writing the best year yet!

Tickled Pink Woman podcast listeners already know the scoop--the what and why surrounding my 2013 guiding mantra.  Missed that podcast episode? You can access the show notes, link in, and listen to it from here.

My chosen 2013 guiding mantra is: self-authored.  Simply put; self-authored reminds me the figurative page is always blank and the pen is in my hand.  In other words, I always have the ability to self-author my life.

Sure there are a lot of external forces at work in my life (it's the case in all of our lives).  But, when I keep in mind that it is me who possesses the ability to determine how and/or whether to react to each situation that presents itself, I am provided with a sense of greater self-empowerment.  Through my words, thoughts, actions (or chosen lack thereof), I have the ability to self-author whatever situation presents itself to me.  This is a reminder--one that will serve me well in the coming year as it's my greatest desired growth edge: realizing I have this much command over whatever occurs in my life.

Three years ago, I wrote an article for the Examiner entitled, "Affirm a Terrific 2010."  On the brink of 2013, it is still relevant.  You see, in that article, I discuss the ineffectiveness of establishing New Year's resolutions.  I instead offer the use of affirmations as a means of fueling life's desired actions and manifesting subsequent results.

What I found this past year is how very effective it was to establish a guiding mantra for the year; based upon what I sought most (living life with fewer regrets).  In essence, a guiding mantra is an affirmation.  It's one dedicated to directing my actions in a very specific way.

My MP3 and e-workbook: No Regrets & Self-authored: Making Dreams Real... The Tickled Pink Woman Way is a fabulous mini retreat dedicated to establishing your guiding mantra for the coming year and envisioning your dreams.  There's even a yoga mat giveaway contest taking place through January 5, 2013.  For more details, view this past post.

Regarding last year's guiding mantra (no regrets), I am carrying it forward with me in 2013 as well.  Yup, I have tapped into this mantra frequently enough, it has become a standard part of my decision-making process--yet another benefit...

Joy and peace!  T.