Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice = Reflect + Shine

Reflect + shine brightly on this super-short day!

Happy Winter Solstice and welcome to wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere!  Brrr! The presence, this blustery morning, of snow flurries, ice, and chilled temps indicate our dear Winter has decidedly arrived here in northwest Ohio.

The Winter Solstice is (depending on how you look at it) either the shortest day or longest night of the year.  Not to fret, though!  Episode #6 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast shares my thoughts on how to figuratively shine brightly--despite fewer daytime hours (the show notes are found here). 

For a bit of added warmth, think back six months ago--to the Summer Solstice.  The post dedicated to that toastier season is available here.  

Last evening, I engaged in an on-line Winter Solstice reflection activity.  Lit scads of scented candles. Poured myself some chilled wine. Marked it as “my” time (smile). Today, I am still feeling the glow...

A few minutes prior to last eve's reflection activity...

In the process of establishing a guiding mantra and visualizing my dreams for 2013, I’ve dedicated a good deal of time, in the last month, to personal reflection.  Truly, it's been a most worthy endeavor! Details on how you can do the same are found in this past post.

Joy and peace to you, this Winter Solstice.  Reflect and shine brightly!  T.