Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Simple Stillness

There's a form of simple stillness in the air, this morning, that is sheer bliss.  Holiday celebrations with family began at my house on Christmas Eve and continued on throughout Christmas Day. As glorious as it has been these past few days, it is oh-so-comfy/cozy, right now, sitting here--in the early morning hours--mocha peppermint java in hand, looking out as the wind whips (pre-snowfall) as I write in silence.

I had a similar experience on Christmas Eve morning.  Awoke early.  Unrolled the yoga mat in my home office, and enjoyed a half-hour's practice--a very chill, sacred time of stillness. Not a creature was stirring, that morning, but me...

Moments such as these are both precious and vital.  They refuel me--allow me to gain perspective--enable me to give more fully to those I love.

Yes, even mere moments of stillness are sometimes difficult to carve out.  The more I realize the benefits from them, though, the better I seem to be at dedicating time to do so.

Wishing you the joy of simple stillness, today, amidst an incredibly busy time of year.  Joy & peace!  T.