Saturday, December 8, 2012

Treasuring Handcrafted Gifts

The photo above is of me and a sweet childhood friend leaving art lessons (circa December 1970).  Yes, I am the blonde with the funky faux fur hat (on the left).  Good to know some things never change, right?  We were toting our paintings—all wrapped up to take home as holiday gifts for our parents.   

Some of my dearest treasures are gifts my children have made me over the years.  I’ve included several pics (below) in an effort to share a few of my personal favorites...

I’m thinking about giving a few handcrafted gifts myself this year.  The way I see it, it’s another way to honor my creative spirit, and possibly inspire someone else’s...

Do you give handcrafted gifts?  What sorts?  What homemade gift, given to you, is your favorite? 

Have a fabulous, creatively-inspired Saturday!  T.