Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red Lips...More Than Skin Deep

A recent art journal collage...

At first glance, it might seem silly and frivolous.  Its true purpose, however, is deeper than one might realize...  What I’m referring to is one of my December dreams (personal goals)—namely, the one to “buy + sport red lipstick.” 

In my quest to live authentically, creatively and fully self-empowered, I dare to do those things I may have shied away from only a few year ago.  What I'm talking about are things like proudly wearing my leopard print stilettos into an executive staff meeting, gleefully letting my hair grow long despite my age, and yes, playfully wearing red lipstick (anywhere...anytime).  

You see, much like the muscles in my body, my authenticity, creativity and self-empoweredness muscles gain strength and definition every time I use them. That’s right! The whole “sporting red lips” thing—it really is more than skin deep.

Yes, as of yesterday afternoon, the deed is done!  "Tempt Seduction" it is!  Even wore it to last evening's workplace meeting (smile).  Might say that I'm just flexing my muscles a bit...

What actions can you take today to strengthen your authenticity, creativity and self-empoweredness muscles?  Would love to hear about it! 

Joy and peace!  T.