Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Woman's Celebration of Self

Tickled Pink Woman=A Celebration of Self!

It is official.  A change has been made...

Those who listen to the Tickled Pink Woman podcast may have recently noticed my description of this blog (Tickled Pink Woman) has changed somewhat.  What I'd always described as: "celebrating all things Zen, elegant and feminine" is now: "a celebration of self."  No doubt, I will still continue to showcase issues Zen, elegant and feminine on this blog.  That will not change!

Yet, when I truly assess what this blog is striving to do...what it has done...  It has been designed to encourage women to celebrate themselves in all of their innate, remarkably unique, precious glory.  I envision the Tickled Pink Woman blog to be the place where self-celebration serves as the foundation which enables us to live more authentically, mindfully, creatively, gracefully and joyously--hence, the changes you see above (formalizing the title of the blog to "Tickled Pink Woman" and adding the descriptor "A Celebration of Self").

Please share with me your thoughts about the self-celebration concept as it relates to this blog.  I believe self-celebration truly does capture what this blog is (and has been) all about.  Your inspirations and feedback are so very welcome here!

Joy & peace!  T.