Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections Amidst Adventures...

Art journal reflections=2013 desired growth opportunities!

This past weekend was marked by a mix of adventure and reflection...

Friday afternoon finished reading Christine Arylo's Madly in Love with Me: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend (awesome read!). That evening, I settled in at home, post dinner date downtown; my art journal in hand.  There, I sketched my 2013 growth opportunities--those areas in which I hope to grow, gain skills, shed undesired patterns, etc.

Saturday, following an unexpected overnight snowfall, we ventured to Michigan.  While there, we enjoyed watching the Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert and dinner afterwards with family and friends.

Back at home, again, on Sunday, I created several art journal collages.  Wrote in my writing journal.  Sketched a few action steps toward realizing some of the growth opportunities I mentioned above. Finalized my January dreams.

This afternoon, I'm headed to see Les Miserables with my son.  Funny, but I've been to the theater more this past week than in months (We went to see The Hobbit on Christmas Day afternoon, and I took myself out on an artist's date last Thursday afternoon to watch Lincoln.) All were added ways to infuse a bit of action and adventure into a reflective point in time.

Suggested ways you can get your "reflect" on amidst New Year adventures:
  • Listen to this past Tickled Pink Woman podcast dedicated to year-end reflections (Following a two-week hiatus, a new podcast will launch next week!).
  • Check out my MP3 and e-workbook (a mini retreat dedicated to identifying your guiding mantra and reflecting upon your dreams).
  • Pull your journal and/or art journal out.  Write. Collage. Paint. Sketch. Most of all, reflect upon what's in your heart.

Joy, peace & an adventuresome + reflective New Year's Eve!  T.