Friday, December 7, 2012

No Grinch Can Steal My Calm

The Grinch as contained within Six by Seuss: A Treasury of Dr. Seuss Classics

Recently, I stopped by a local jewelry store to purchase a battery for my favorite watch (a vintage men’s diamond timepiece I bought at a yard sale about four years ago). Waiting in line, I watched a bit of the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which was playing on a large-screen television mounted on a wall in the shop.

Amazing how a children’s story can have such a powerful message, isn’t it?  The Grinch did his best to ruin Christmastime for the villagers.  He swiped their gifts, holiday trees, decorations...even their feast fixin's!  Yet, Christmas morning, they all gathered as if nothing ever happened—holding hands and singing, “Fahoo Foraze, Dahoo Doraze...”.  Yup, they celebrated anyway—despite the Grinch’s mean-spirited actions. 

A proverbial Grinch creeps in to all of our lives from time to time... She may be a peer, whose sole purpose seems centered upon sabotaging your credibility.  He may be the person who repeatedly won’t return your business calls.  The Grinch might be the brusque cashier at a big box store, who wouldn't even acknowledge your presence or kind greeting. Yes, good ole' Mr. or Ms. Grinch can materialize in many different forms, and within a variety of settings...

Not sure about you, but I have already encountered a Grinch or two, myself, this season.  And...guess what?  Every time I do, I start humming the Fahoo Foraze tune.  Sometimes, it's merely a figurative hum.  At others, it is truly the real thing.  You see, like the Who-ville villagers, I've decided no one is granted the ability to steal my joy. My celebration of self and life continues--despite these Grinches’ best efforts to suppress it. 

Got a Grinch in your midst?  Hum.  Whether Fahoo Foraze is only playing in your head, or you are literally singing it out loud, try it.  I promise it will make you feel better!  BTW, this little strategy works all throughout the year—not just during the holiday season.

Joy, peace and happy Friday!  T.