Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Face Forward...

Read why I consider wearing sunglasses a skincare must!

I'm looking forward to indulging in a facial at a local spa, tonight.  It's been a personal goal to treat myself to a quarterly facial this year.  After this evening, I'm happy to report that I'll have achieved my planned 2012 outcome (smile).

Having turned fifty this past spring, I realize--now more than ever--how important it is to care for my skin.  Added ways I do this include:
  • Using sunscreen every day (My daily moisturizer and lip gloss both contain sunscreen!);
  • Applying a daytime moisturizer;
  • Wearing night cream (It's not the heavy stuff I remember from long ago; now, it's light and transparent!);
  • Donning eye cream;
  • Sporting UV sunglasses when outside (Last year, a friend's mother died from melanoma (skin cancer) of the retina. As a result, I now wear my shades even when it's cloudy outdoors.);
  • Washing with a gentle facial cleanser each morning and evening;
  • Removing ALL make-up before bedtime;
  • Exercising regularly (Gives me a healthier glow--truly, it does!);
  • Drinking plenty of water each day (I drink 64 ounces of filtered water a day.);
  • Taking a multivitamin each morning;
  • Eating fresh fruits and veggies daily; and
  • Getting plenty of shut-eye (I am not as good at this as I'd like, but I've made marked progress in the past year.)
What about you?  Does your skincare routine include added elements?  Please share as I'd love to hear about it!

Joy and peace,  T.