Saturday, December 1, 2012

December: Unwrapping My Dreams...

The art journal collage onto which I'll sketch my December dreams...

November slipped past oh so quickly it seems.  Alas, December is here, and 2012 draws even nearer to a close...  It’s simply mindboggling, isn’t it?

As noted, on one of last month’s Tickled Pink Woman podcast episodes, life’s recent events have served to remind me each and every day is a gift.  In this month, which is so often affiliated with gift giving, I hope to cherish each day for the gift it is—more mindfully aligning my thoughts with my actions.

Listed below, are my December dreams. They are the gifts I hope to give myself this month:
Join me in this season of self-gifting! Who knows what we will unwrap?

Joy and peace!  T.