Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Deliciously Balanced Day...

According to my calendar, it's going to be a deliciously balanced day!

Looking over my calendar, this morning, a couple of items caught my eye—two meetings, actually.  I can't quite say I'm overjoyed to attend them... Yet, duty calls, and I am responsible for answering; so, I will (smile).

Last evening’s yoga class focused on balancing poses.  I thoroughly enjoyed savoring the anything-but-simple task of attaining my balance through tree, one-legged dog and side-plank poses. The act of mindfully grounding my body, although difficult, was totally self-empowering and, as a result, a rewarding luxury. 

Despite a couple of not-too-exciting meetings, today’s agenda also includes a few yummy treats.  You see, I’m meeting a longtime friend for lunch; plus, I have a massage scheduled this evening after work—two delicious delights I definitely look forward to experiencing.

Much like last eve’s delectable yoga practice, it is that sacred balance of both challenge and indulgence that make my life one that’s rich and exciting.  What about you?  Do you find that it is balance that makes life’s sweetness even more delicious? 

Joy and peace!  T.