Monday, December 17, 2012

The Gift of Two Free Evenings...

Carving out time to art journal=a gift I give myself!

While participating in a managerial staff meeting, late last week, I learned tonight's 7 p.m. work-related meeting had been canceled.  Woooooo hoooooo!!!  Did I share with you my extreme excitement about this? Trust me, it's there (smile).

Akin to a gift, this scrumptious opportunity has presented itself to me: a free evening.  Originally, my plan had been to use it to attend a second yoga class (I already had yoga sketched in for Thursday night).

Then, I received word of a free opportunity, taking place on Thursday evening, that peaked my interest.  This resulted in what seems like a worthy self-compromise to me: I can still attend a relaxing yoga class on Monday night, and also participate in Thursday evening's virtual Winter Solstice-themed gathering.  Yes!

Below, I have shared a bit about the Thursday evening event I plan on attending (As much as I wish I could say I was going to be at the on-site event at a California winery--I'm live-streaming.). The information was taken from author Christine Arylo's Love Letter for Your Heart & Soul newsletter:

"This coming week is the Winter Solstice - it is a time for slowing down and listening deeply to your heart and soul, to nature, to spirit.

As my gift to you this season I invite you to slow down, take a pause and really reflect on who you've become this year, what is really important to you, and let that sink into your cells.

This Thursday, you can receive a free ticket to my monthly Wine and Divine series - in person this month at a winery in Oakland or live streamed into your home. I'll be sharing with you a powerful ritual I've used for 7 years to really connect with what matters most to me at the end of a year."

Sounds yummy, doesn't it?  I am going to chill and open one of the better bottles of wines I've got on hand, light some seasonally-scented candles, open my growth journal and totally immerse myself in this reflective activity.  To learn more about this free event, click here.  

One never knows when or where a gift might present itself...  Looks like I've received a couple, already, this week, and it's only Monday!

Joy, peace and happy Monday,  T.