Thursday, December 27, 2012

Art Journaling: In 2013, I Will...

In 2013, I Will...=Art Journal Joy!

Wanted to share a fun art journaling activity I engaged in last evening.  After collaging, I grabbed a Sharpie pen and wrote at the top of the page: "In 2013, I Will..."  Here's what I wrote:
  • Grow;
  • Invite challenge;
  • Celebrate myself;
  • Use my gifts;
  • In all matters, trust my Wise Self;
  • Exude mindful graciousness;
  • Shine brightly;
  • Embody classic style with modern flair;
  • Have fun;
  • Sparkle from within;
  • Make meaningful memories;
  • Seek out + create adventures;
  • Write to inspire;
  • Make a difference;
  • Live without regret;
  • Shed useless actions;
  • Ascend life's hills;
  • Welcome change;
  • Go where I'm intuitively led;
  • Reflect;
  • Dream freely;
  • Honor my need for white space;
  • Be proud of being different;
  • Use my voice without hesitation;
  • Do my right work;
  • Do at least one yoga pose daily;
  • Tap into my breath often; and...
  • On a blank page, pen in hand, author a great year!
What will you to commit to in 2013?  Would love to hear about it!

Joy and peace. T.