Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012: Top Ten Dreams Realized...

Sweet Dreams!

This year, I joyously marked 50 years in existence, happily vacationed in Colorado, enjoyed family time in Boston, proudly attended my youngest son's college graduation and oldest son's wedding, celebrated my baby sis's sixth year cancer free, formed precious new friendships and several other wonderful life landmarks.

2012 brought its challenges as well; most namely, the unexpected, unrelated deaths of four beautiful family members over a span of only two weeks' time this past fall.  As difficult as that was, it has taught me to not only cherish and celebrate each and every day--along with all the fabulous beings in my life-- but also myself on a deeper, more dedicated level than ever before.

On that note, I'm unveiling my 2012 TOP TEN LIST.  My top ten list isn't about the places I've visited or the momentous family events that have occurred.  It is dedicated to those dreams I made real for myself in 2012. It's my way to realize my own efforts in this past year.  Here goes:

10.  Setting up my own Etsy Shop;

9.   Being interviewed for Terry Cohoe's blog: These Peas Taste Funny (Would welcome being interviewed by other bloggers out there!  Simply email me!)

8.   Launching Tickled Pink Woman television (my YouTube channel);

7.  Creating my MP3 + e-workbook: No Regrets + Self-authored: Making Your Dreams Real...The Tickled Pink Woman Way;

6.   Serving on the local Zonta Club's Committee that created a Z Club at Bowling Green State University;

5.   Being a guest blogger for author Gail McMeekin's Creative Success blog (Would love to be a guest blogger for your blog, too!  Simply email me!);

4.  Having my love letter published in author Jo MacDonald's glorious book, Note to Self: The Secret to becoming your own Best Friend;

3.   Holding my first (for pay) women's art journaling workshop;

2.  Establishing the Tickled Pink Woman podcast;

1.   Launching this blog (on March 5, 2012)!

Take time to list your top ten for 2012.  It is a great way to recognize your efforts and count your accomplishments.  You certainly deserve this spirit-boosting endeavor!

Top ten fave Tabitha photos from 2012!

Joy, hugs and peace!  T.