Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Moments…

Art journaling=beautiful moments!

I like to say that, “Beauty is an inside job.”  It's a nice companion to that old adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  My thought is that I hold the responsibility for not only seeing life’s beauty, but creating it as well.

Here are a few moments of beauty I’ve recently given myself (and…as a result to others, too!):
  • Being fully present while enjoying time with my youngest son, who is headed to Boston (in a few days) to attend graduate school;
  • Carving out five minutes of stillness on Sunday morning (meditated outdoors);
  • Gave gratitude while driving to the 9 to 5 on Monday morning (this truly made a difference in how I felt walking into the building that morning!);
  • Contributed my volunteer efforts (throughout the last few weeks) toward a worthy cause I hold near and dear (local Zonta Golden Z Club);
  • Read and fed my mind (Reading am.BITCH.ous. LOVE it!);
  • Played “ball” in the parlor with Tabitha (resident diva tabby cat);
  • Created art on the patio while enjoying the sun on my face;
  • Sipped tea and listened to inspirational podcasts while cleaning my house;
  • Laughed heartily and mused playfully while preparing dinner with Mark;
  • Mapped out the next level of action steps for my latest book writing endeavor;
  • Wrote a rough draft of the introduction to the first section of my new book!
 Have a beautiful day!  T.

Proud mom (me) posing with my recently-graduated Magna Cum Laude son, Patrick!