Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walks to Remember

Last night, I luxuriated a bit; using a gift certificate I’d stashed away for a one-hour massage.  After last week’s lengthy car sojourns, I was definitely in need of it!

Following a massage, I never engage in anything strenuous.  What this means is there were no workout plans on my agenda--only relaxation, last night, after my massage.  Yup, afterwards, I enjoyed tea on the patio while reading, and later, writing.

Exercise is part of my self-care routine.  Barring illness and unforeseen occurrences, I try to get some form of exercise every day.  I avoid compromising this regimen whenever possible.  On extremely-busy days, my physical activity might solely consist of a 10-minute yoga sequence early in the morning. I believe that some form of motion is better than none! When I exercise, I am healthier.  Plus, I just plain feel better—all over.  In my opinion, that’s empowering.

Yesterday was another busy day at the 9 to 5—plenty of undertakings and two off-site meetings (which is three less than that record-breaking day last week!).  Already knowing last evening would be dedicated to relaxation, I decided to walk to both of my meetings. These jaunts were easy hikes; taking about five minutes for me to walk each way (that’s roughly two sunshine breaks!).

Truly glad I did, too!  I used the time to be as mindful as possible of all the beauty before me, my own breath, the feel of my shoes upon the sidewalks, my posture, and the wind on my face.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day (high temp’s in the low 80’s). In a word—heavenly

My last meeting took place in the County Courthouse.  It was on the fifth floor.  Afterwards, I stood outside the elevator; waiting to leave the building.  There, I saw a little sign that read, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Take the stairs."  So...I did (smile)!

Wanted to share all the awesome sights I encountered along my walk routes (hence the lovely pix scattered throughout this post).  In addition to the fact that I knew I was nurturing my body with these walks, I fully understood I was feeding my soul; which definitely makes them walks to remember! T.