Friday, August 31, 2012

Get a Leg Up by Living without Regret!

As August draws to a close, I pause to reflect upon the mantra I established for 2012: The year of no regrets

Happily, 2012 (thus far) has largely been a year of living my life without regrets: Launching the blog (after merely talking about doing it for two years prior to this one); beginning work on my second book (an added dream more than a few years old), and securing a for-pay art journaling workshop gig (Yes, you guessed it—yet another long-term desire unrealized until this year.)

As amazing as it is to realize larger dreams, the smaller, seemingly less notable accomplishments have truly had the most impact upon me, though.  My consistent reliance upon my Wise Self, ability to more readily voice my truth (without concern over others' acceptance of me for doing so), and mindful attention to living my life as art are the actions which, collectively, have brought me a greater sense of self-empowerment, comfort and accomplishment. 

Yesterday, after conducting business at Bowling Green State University, I decided to grab a chocolate-banana soy smoothie from the onsite Starbucks and enjoy a brief walk on campus, where an event called, “CampusFest” was taking place.  One of the student organizations was providing free henna tattoos, there.  Watching a couple of students eagerly approach the table and partake, my first thought was, “I’ve always wanted to do that.”  The next one was, “Oh, to be young again—so carefree and fearless!”  Then, I stopped, and thought, “There’s no reason at all that I can’t be carefree and fearless, too.  This is 2012, the year of living life without regret. If I want to get a henna tattoo, I should absolutely go for it!”  As you can see, I did! 

Yes, the leg featured directly above is mine (smile).  You see, when I live without regret, life is never dull, disappointing or barren.  Abundance flows when I am free of regret.  Experiences are rich. And, I shine brightly.

May your Friday be one lived leg up, and totally without regret! xox T.