Friday, August 3, 2012

August is for Repairing, Replenishing.

Last evening, I packed up a lovely vintage strand of comingled faux pearls and black beads that I’ve meant to have restrung for far too long.  Today, I’m finally taking them to a sweet little jewelry shop, downtown, during my lunch break.  Yesterday morning, before my ritual tea time, I took a moment to freshen the water in the vase of lovely pink carnations sitting atop my desk (these little sweeties seem to have infinite life—which I do so love!).  This simple task of nourishing a thing of beauty made me smile. 

Repairing.  Replenishing.  Funny how what relates to the tangible so truly ties back to that which lies within. 

June brought her challenges.  July… Well (barring vacation and time spent with loved ones), let’s just say she’s one I wouldn’t want to repeat. 

August, however, she seems to be urging me to address my own needs.  Repair.  Replenish.  And, I’m not just speaking of my little “to do’s;” like replacing a button on a fave cardigan.  The insistence I’m feeling also includes what my soul craves--self-nurturance at the most basic of levels. 

I already affirm daily.  I also carve out moments of gratitude; from time-to-time.  A few days ago, though, I stepped up the affirmations a bit; strove for more mindfulness while silently practicing them.  Began making it a must that I reflect in gratitude on my way to and fro’ work, too.  You know what?  I’m already beginning to feel a tad more repaired and replenished, after just a few days in. 

What about you?  Feeling the need for a soul overhaul?   Affirm (or, like me, affirm a bit more).  Give gratitude.  Before you know it, I’m guessing you will also begin to feel somewhat more repaired and replenished.  I am.  Joy & peace, T.