Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Live Pink. Be Green.

Pinkly living green!

Today, I'm donning pink and black; greenly, though...

In addition to my quest to live pink (a.k.a Tickled Pink), I strive to be more green; not only by recycling, however.  You see, I am a green shopper (smile).  Missed past blog posts about my ongoing efforts to make green contributions to our planet through shopping? If so, feel free to check them out by clicking here and here.

Pictured above, are two recent eco-buys I absolutely had to share on the blog.  The pink and white polka-dotted blouse is 100 percent silk, Jones New York and appears to have never been worn.  I snagged this little lovely at a local Goodwill Store last Friday afternoon for $5!  My favorite pairing of it  (so far) is with my "go to" black pencil skirt.

The chic, endless strand of faux pearls were purchased from a sweet woman, for $5, at a community yard sale.  Mark and I happened upon it while spending the day wandering several charming sites along Lake Erie a few weeks ago.  Mark even noted, "What a find!"

These items are unique (which is artistic expression in the making!).  They scream, "me" (Yay for authenticity!).  They did not break my bank (Hip hip hooray for being responsible with my greenbacks!).  And, best yet, I kept them from being tossed into a landfill, which helps our environment (Overjoyed beyond words!!!)!!!

Have you had the good fortune of an amazing eco-buy lately?  Please share as I heart hearing about these!  Hugs, T.