Friday, August 17, 2012

An Ideal Day Brightener...

I met a friend at a local restaurant for lunch yesterday.  Temperate, mostly sunny and slightly breezy; it was the epitome of a picture perfect day for outdoor dining.  As a result, that’s exactly where we enjoyed our salads—outside, at a café table, amidst sunshine and fresh air.  I even heard carillon bells chiming in the distance at some point as we ate and talked.  It was wonderful!

We were both marveling at the perfection of our dining atmosphere (especially as it related to getting needed “rays” (a.k.a. vitamin D)), when she shared with me a fabulous idea that I absolutely had to pass along.  Her son, a college student, recently took a part-time job in the art industry during his summer break from classes.  His employer insists that all employees take a 10-minute sunshine break; twice a day.  Isn’t that great? Here’s what’s even better… Her son has noticed a markedly positive impact as a result of doing so—on his energy levels, motivational capacity and creativity. 

I absolutely LOVE this idea--a sunshine break!  Of course, the issue (for me) is being disciplined enough to actually follow through and do it.  That is the tough part…    

I did step outdoors for a few minutes yesterday afternoon (Yes, I snapped the photo above while enjoying a breath of fresh air!).  Nevertheless, I am not going to pretend that I will faithfully pull myself away from my 9 to 5 duties—twice a day—at ten minutes per stretch to take a sunshine break.  I can certainly strive to, though. 

I wrote a post (a few days ago) about my real versus ideal morning routines.  Writing things down somehow helps me better manifest what I want in my life.  So, what might serve me best is to list practices that would allow me to experience my vision of an ideal day.  Certainly, on those days where I am indoors much of the time (with nose to grindstone); an idyllic practice, on my part, would be to carve out a couple of sunshine breaks.  Even a five-minute sunshine break is more beneficial than none, right?

Wishing you joy, brightness and a fab Friday!  T.