Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Budded Blooms, Awesomeness & Philosophizing

Let your life be like a budded flower—bursting with joy over what you know will unfold.

While recently admiring a vase of pink carnations atop my workplace desk, I found myself lost in the true beauty (both real and symbolic) of a budded flower.  This led me to reach a conclusion.  Life is best enjoyed when I embrace the fact that awesomeness is always within reach. Meeting gal pals for lunch, creating an art journal collage, achieving a treasured goal… What I term as “awesome” can certainly vary from day-to-day, minute-to-minute.   The key is to joyfully anticipate and fully savor awesomeness--at that point when it comes into being.

My tips for living life like a budded flower include:

Like a budded flower, always have something to look forward to: This recent blog post provides added thoughts about the importance of having dreams (even the smallest of ones!).

Make sure your environment allows you to blossom:  The woman who nurtures herself, no doubt, blooms versus withers. Great ideas on how self-nurture yourself are found in this past post.

Don't miss the joy of budding or blooming! Be fully present:  Awesomeness is best when I am fully present in experiencing it.  Mindfulness takes scads of practice, and is something I still struggle to attain as often as I would like.  Through yoga and meditation, however, I am learning to live much more mindfully.  Sue Patton Thoele’s book, The Mindful Woman: Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Balance, and Opening Your Heart has also served as a valuable resource for me.

Know that a bud is every bit as lovely as a blossom:  Being evolved, complete is an ongoing process that occurs throughout a lifetime.  When I am in tune with this, it’s more likely I am living in the present versus for the future. My goal is to always be joyous for the future; however to live within the present!

Bloom boldly by celebrating your uniqueness:  Each bud, every blossom is a one-of-a-kind.  Honoring and celebrating your uniqueness honors and celebrates you!  Do it loudly and do it proudly! I think of it as "flower power."

What are your thoughts on living life like a budded flower?  Would certainly welcome them! T.