Sunday, August 26, 2012

Creative, Healing Endeavors

Photography, like other creative endeavors, heals me!

Settling in this morning; after yesterday's lengthy drive back from Boston (I read scads and scads!). Yes, there is unpacking to do (Mark's already done the bulk of it!); but, sitting outside, right now, enjoying breakfast on the patio... I've decided to simply write and relax today. The remaining suitcase and other household issues can wait (smile)!

Many of you may remember that I participated in author Gail McMeekin's online Facebook forum focused upon The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal, last spring (Missed it?  Feel free to read past posts here and here).

Late Friday night, upon returning with Mark, to the hotel, I sat down with my iPad to read a few favorite blogs before we retired to bed.  Paper and Ponder is one of those fab blogs.  There, I discovered not only a wonderful post about the above-mentioned forum, but a mention of my own blog (beyond honored!) in this recent post by blogger, entrepreneur, fellow McMeekin Facebook forum participant and dear friend, Lisa H.

Paper and Ponder is dedicated to the healing aspects of creativity.  This is something I understand, firsthand.

You see, my book, Eternal Presents, was written during my youngest sister's battle with cancer.  I may not have understood it at the time, but that creative endeavor--was my coping strategy.  During those difficult months, it kept me functioning. Provided me an outlet and solace.  Allowed me the ability to delve into places I'd not explored before that point.

Take a moment, today, to check out Paper and Ponder.  Sit outside and enjoy this lovely Sunday.  Do something creative.  Write. Paint. Craft. Take photos (I shot the one above in Boston's North End after dinner on Friday evening!).  Be healed and be whole.

Joy & peace, T.