Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Soul Soothers…

 The catnip is blooming in my flower garden! Flower gardening=soul soothing.

Our neighbors have a small water feature nestled into one of their flower beds. Often, when I’m flower gardening, I can hear the glorious babbling; softly in the distance.  It makes me imagine that a charming little brook runs alongside my house.  Soothes me, too…

Here are a few of my other fave soothers:
  • Clutching a rose quartz crystal (polished smooth, of course);
  • Taking a quiet walk in nature;
  • Relaxing in a hot bath; complete with lavender bath salts;
  • Sipping white rose tea from my favorite teacup;
  • Lighting candles; savoring their glow;
  • Writing in my journal outdoors at sunset;
  • Sporting cashmere (anything);
  • Deep, yogic breathing…
  • Saying affirmations (any of them!);
  • Moments of gratitude reflection;
  • Petal pink (simply the sight of it!);
  • Resting, on my yoga mat, in child’s pose;
Day trips to Lake Erie (like the one I took this past weekend) also soothe me!

 So… What soothes you?  Would love to hear about it!  T.