Thursday, August 16, 2012

Luxuriously Heady Perspectives...

Our crowning glory is less about hair & more about the choices we make!

A few years ago, I heard someone say a visit to the salon didn’t count as a luxury.  I think they called it “basic maintenance.”  Not me, though.  I treat a visit to the salon as if it were a full-blown spa day (regardless of what I’m having done there!). 

This evening, I am headed to the salon for a trim, wash, and highlights.  I schedule a trim at every 5 to 6 weeks, and highlights at 6 to 8 weeks; depending on how things are holding up (smile).  Every now and again, I’ll treat myself to a deep conditioning or some other type of restorative hair treatment in between trims. 

You see, it’s all in how I view things…  I can choose to deem a visit to the salon as “basic maintenance” or I can treat it like the wonderfully indulgent experience that it is.  I adore visiting with my talented stylist, and the salon I patronize has the most relaxing, aesthetically-pleasing environment imaginable.  It truly has “spa” written all over it--figuratively.  Having my hair combed, touched and washed; well, it’s like a mini-scalp massage!  I absolutely love it!  And, sitting under a dryer with a good magazine and a cup of tea…oh, my! 

I have come to realize that it is my choice how I view each and every moment in my life.  Clearing the dinner table, responding to business emails on the 9 to 5, waiting in line at the post office…these activities can easily be written off as “mundane.”  They could also be treated as precious pockets of stillness, opportunities for me to savor divinely-present moments, or time for silent affirmation.  It is all up to me.

So, guess what I'm choosing?  Yup, it's luxury for me...nothing less than luxury! ;) T.