Monday, August 20, 2012

Amazing August!

Daisy mums I spied on a recent sunshine break!

It's been an interesting summer so far...

July felt more like August, and August (to me) feels more like September.  Just for the record (smile), I'm still happy to be, right here, (fully present) in August.

Where I live (Northwest Ohio), signs of fall have already begun to emerge.  This past week we've recorded morning and evening temps in the 50's on several days, mums are starting to bloom, the autumn blaze are past their prime, and colorful foliage is making its debut--here and there.  Amazing!  Nevertheless, I'm still in the present moment--despite my joyful anticipation of what's to come (fall, my favorite season!).

The autumn blaze is already past its prime.

Even though, I am living in the now (August), I did recently splurge on a statement wardrobe piece that screams, "Fall!"  It's a lovely faux fur leopard vest; something I envision myself donning for years to come.  Plus, I bought it (on Etsy) from a woman who designs and sews clothing (As you may remember from past posts (here and here), I adore supporting independent, woman-owned businesses whenever possible!).

Fall foliage (already) + unseasonably cool temps + faux leopard fur=Amazing August!

Would love to hear how your August has been amazing--thus far.  Please share! xox T.