Friday, May 4, 2012

Be a Green Fashionista!

As I like to say: Green is the new pink!  My hope is that many folks already incorporate, into their wardrobe, vintage, thrift, consigned and upcycled pieces along with new clothing purchases.  That’s my green fashion contribution; along with buying items that are made from more sustainable materials (e.g. clothing made from organic bamboo fabric).  My video touts the cost effectiveness of buying reused clothing, but this girl will definitely treat herself to a much-deserved splurge from time to time as well.  If this video persuades at least one person to become fashionably greener in even some small way, it was well worth shooting (even though my southern Indiana pronunciation of the word "brooch" is not correct!). 

Please share your thoughts with me about fashion green-ness.  I’d love to hear them!  T.