Thursday, May 24, 2012

Offbeat Days Happen

My art journal allows me to puzzle out those days that are offbeat.

Feeling a bit off cue today… Not sure why.  It could be due to a tad bit of sleep deprivation (a result of waking up inexplicably at 3:00 this morning—and being unable to resume my ever-sacred shut eye).  Maybe it’s just that this week (and most especially today) has been beyond busy and laced with a few uh oh’s (which I handle better at some times versus others (This is likely one of those “other” times.)). 

Guess it’s time I accept the fact that everyone occasionally has days that are just…well, offbeat.  “Offbeat” meaning internal tensions seem to be running higher than normal, and I truly feel out of sorts.  Not even my failsafe mid-morning tea break and lunchtime chocolate banana soy smoothie (sipped outdoors) seem to have done the trick.  Hmmm…

What’s important is that I allow myself the grace to have this sort of day from time-to-time—without self-judgment—without the feeling that it’s a forever sort of thing.  It is one day in the life—not a lifetime.  I have every faith my cherished Wise Self will lead me in nurturing myself accordingly; and that all will be well again soon enough.

Here’s to the fact that offbeat days are just that…and nothing more.  Peace & joy, T.

Author's Note:  I originally wrote this post a few weeks back after experiencing a somewhat "out of sorts" day.  I held off publishing it for fear it was too negative.  After further reflection, I've decided that everyone has "challenging days," and that "putting it out there" can only serve to reassure others of this fact. Oh...and, I finally did get my groove back much later that same evening--by tapping into the power of my own deep breathing (aha!).