Friday, May 18, 2012

Do You Etsy? I Do!

“Do you Etsy?”  Seems to be a common question these days!  And, to that question, my resounding answer is, “Yes, I do!!!”  

 Me (with Mark)--last year (in Nassau)--wearing a vintage dress from Etsy.

I’ve extolled the eco-friendly virtues of buying reused items in several past posts (here and here and here).  And, although I enjoy a good thrift store buy, I’ll also treat myself to a splurge from time to time.  Etsy’s a great place for that.  Etsy offers an extensive array of vintage finds, but they are also a marketplace for handmade goods—that are also fabulous! Not only are their things, generally, more affordable than they would be purchased new; the items found there are often nearly one-of-a-kind pieces that allow me to express my style creatively—and do so greenly. 

Sporting vintage skirt (Etsy purchase) while touring 
Stephen Foster State Park in Kentucky (a few weeks ago).

In the hopes of getting you to check out the Etsy scene (if you haven’t already), I put together a short video highlighting some of my fave finds from this fab shopping source.  Hope you enjoy!  T.