Friday, May 25, 2012

Authentic = Self-Assured

From my art journal...

The more I’ve luxuriated upon the tickled pink path, the more authentic my life has become.  There’s an added bonus to this, though…  Authenticity builds self-assurance.  In this spirit, I have included, below, some of my fave self-assurance building techniques.

Always put your best foot forward:  When I’ve given my very best to a project, I surrender myself to the beauty of that fact.  Afterward, I may explore different approaches to take in the future.  However, when I’ve put my best foot forward, I am at peace with myself, which gives me the confidence to let go and move forward as needed.  NOTE:  When I’m battling a cold, “my best” is not the same caliber as when I’m feeling “100 percent.”  The importance is found in recognizing that I’ve given the best I could during each moment’s circumstances. 

Affirm. Affirm. Affirm.  I truly cannot say enough about this.  To learn more, peruse an earlier blog post I wrote by clicking here

Live your life as art.  Fave author Alexandra Stoddard once said, “Make living as an art your quest, your personal mission.”  I adore that quote and strive to live by it.  Living life as art means I am in tune with adding my own hallmark touches to everything:  the outfits I put together, the gatherings I host, the artist’s dates I treat myself to, etc.  There’s definitely a high level of interrelatedness between this tip and the first one noted above.  But, this tip more clearly encourages my inner artist come out and play each day.

Establish and take on goals that are bite-sized.  This practice ensures I’m more likely to consistently achieve.  And, that is a tremendous confidence booster.

Recognize ALL achievements—even the little ones!  My journal is often where I’ll note my accomplishments (even if it’s as small an achievement as going online for 10 minutes to research something related to a much larger project).  I like to treat myself when bigger accomplishments are realized, or when a final, small task taken toward a large project is complete.  Sometimes, I’ll reward myself with an artist’s date.  At other times, I might splurge by buying a lovely vintage brooch I’ve had my eye on (smile).

Engage in one soul massage daily.  A self-assured woman pampers herself.  Here's the best part: doing so need not be costly or time consuming!  My favorite self-care rituals include lighting candles, enjoying bath soaks, savoring walks in nature, writing my journal, enjoying my own company, mindfully seeing beauty everywhere, and a whole host of other delectable delights.  

Please share your self-assurance building tips with me .  I would love hearing them!  T.