Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Steps, Big Progress

Flirt w/the possibilities, dance w/the little steps taken & cozy up to dreams realized.

Some projects have taken a lot of time for me to bring to fruition; this blog, for example.  I talked about it for two whole years before I made it happen.  The funny thing is that, once I took a couple of steps (which only took a few hours to complete), it was launched.  The space in between the idea for my blog and its becoming a reality was spent toying with how to approach what seemed like such an insurmountable task (which, in actuality, was not!).

Happily, I'm learning to use a practice that works well when tackling large projects, and wanted to share it with those reading the blog.  In her book, “The Bodacious Book of Succulence,” author SARK recommends the use of “micromovements.”  These little gems are the small steps taken; activities that are broken into bite-sized bits and pieces.  Micromovements not only move an activity forward; but, me as well.  When a small task is completed, I am often compelled to go well beyond what had been originally planned.  On those days when I don’t?  Well, I’ve at least taken some action toward a cherished dream.  And, for me personally, when I achieve a dream, I’m being true to my authentic self and putting my best foot forward (It’s all part of my plan for living tickled pink!).

Julie Hunt, author of “Shout to the Rooftops in Your Stilettos” offers a similar solution.  She calls it the “two-minute miracle.”  For large tasks, Hunt sets a timer for two minutes and sees how much she can accomplish toward attaining her goal.  Her approach offers yet another spin on dealing with the big stuff. 

Do you engage in "baby steps" (aka "micromovements") to help you tackle large projects?  Perhaps you have other solutions.  Either way, I'd welcome your thoughts!  T.