Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspiration Honored=Sweet Bliss in the Garden

Honoring my inspirations=sweet time in "my" garden

Traveling back from Kentucky a few days ago, blissfully serene memories of a lovely public botanical garden came to mind while just outside of Dayton, Ohio.  In that moment, I so wanted to enjoy the beauty of that special place once again.  You see, Smith Gardens was a charming haven I had escaped to on many a lunch break while living (and working) in that area a few years back.  During those (um) busy years, “my” garden provided this then four-county non-profit program director + soccer mom + wife + part-time graduate school student more respite and joy than can ever be measured.   

 And, there we were; traveling oh-so-very close to that place I hold near and dear… Yet, my mind kept wandering back to the laundry list of items I wanted to accomplish before that evening’s dinner date, with Mark, back home.  My Wise Self came to the rescue; however, by reminding me of my vow to more consistently listen to my inspirations.  It was her compelling nature that led me to act upon my whim by asking Mark if he’d mind taking a brief detour.  Happily, he was most willing to oblige!

 What can I say?  It was everything I remembered it to be—breathtakingly enchanting and so peacefully quiet (oh, except for the birds singing and babbling brook (complete with a mini waterfall)—adore!)!   But, it was more than that.  It marked, yet another, more recent, instance when I stopped and listened to the Wise Self residing within.  It documents the fact that I did what I wanted to do versus what I imagined I should do.  And (yet, again), in the end, all worked out perfectly—despite my impromptu change of plans.  

Wishing you the sweet pleasures found in honoring your inspirations, T.

Inspirations honored=a blissful me!