Monday, May 28, 2012

Mindfully Creating Mindless Art

All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.  -Eckhart Tolle
The quote above is one that resonates with me.  A few years ago, maybe not so much…but, it sure does now. 

When I create art, I let my intuition (Wise Self) take the reins.  My art is an expression of what is inside my soul.  As a result, I worry not that it is worthy.  My only pursuit is to mindfully enjoy the process of creation versus the result.

Playful art is authentic art.  Authentic art is always beautiful.  Even more importantly, it is personally meaningful. 

As a little girl, I created art quite frequently.  Sadly, after turning 18, I abandoned my art for a lengthy period of time.  I now wonder if I unconsciously did so because I’d become too rigid—too self-critical in my artistic pursuits.

Joy is now found is the fact that I have reclaimed a former passion…and done so both mindfully (I drop myself into the bliss of creating art.) and “mindlessly” (I abandon my doubts in lieu of letting my Wise Self lead me in artistic endeavors.).  The watercolor, above, is one I created this past April during an art class.  I had tremendous fun crafting it!

In an effort to live my life in true tickled pink fashion, these days, I let my inner artist out, each day, to play.  Her forays are varied, but include the outfits I pull together, the gifts I select for others, and the work I perform.

Wishing you the joy of art created from a place of no-mind—of inner stillness.  T.