Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recapturing Childhood’s Creative Pursuits

This past week, I began reading + using two books that I’m enjoying thoroughly: Lynne Franks' “BLOOM Journal: A Woman's Journal for Inspired Living and Gail McMeekin's “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal”  (No, I haven’t discarded my beloved, careworn journal! I still write her many times throughout the week.). These books’ purpose is to grant me added oomph in cultivating my own creativity.  In addition to providing great information and activities to undertake, they also include a series of thoughtful journal writing prompts (and much-needed, copious writing space) designed to help me get there. Yay!

One subject matter that has come up in both books is that of getting back in touch with creative pursuits I enjoyed as a child and teenager—both identifying and understanding them.  For example:  What hobbies was I drawn to?  What games or make-believe activities did I most take pleasure in? 

For several reasons, it’s amazing I have happened upon this theme at this point in my life.  As a little girl, I used to write stories all the time.  Recently, I launched this blog after taking over a year’s hiatus from my cherished practice of writing (beyond that which has gone in my journal, Twitter or the technical stuff I do on the 9 to 5, of course!).  Interestingly enough, one of my first blog posts was about my newly-reclaimed enthusiasm for playing dress up (to see this post, click here).  To make this even more relevant, I began taking watercolor classes on Thursday evenings a few weeks ago (Yes, the two prints, above, are a sampling of my recent art class renderings!).  As a little girl, oil painting was a passion of mine.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to use watercolors, though.  After ignoring this call for quite some time, I recently answered it, and I am so very glad I did!  I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun in these classes; reconnecting with a past artistic love.  Plus, I have stretched myself, creatively, in a way that makes me feel truly awesome! 

What endeavors did you enjoy in your younger years?  Was there a favorite make believe persona you embraced when playing (e.g. actress, teacher, dentist)?  What I have learned is that getting in touch with these questions through journal writing is truly a great place to start.  I would adore hearing your thoughts on this! T.