Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Gardening; So, Too, in Life

A few weeks ago, Northwest Ohio experienced a series of days marked by unseasonably warm temperatures.  Saturday afternoon of that week, I engaged in a project never before undertaken in the month of March; spending the better half of the afternoon working in my flower gardens.  Once completed, I stood back and smiled, deeming it a worthy endeavor to have removed the dead grasses, trimmed back overgrowth and readied the ground for added growth. 

Earlier this week, I luxuriated outdoors, admiring the tulips and daffodils in my beloved garden beds, which are now in full bloom.  This time, I was truly awestruck by how very lovely everything appeared.  The flowers and shrubs were absolutely thriving.  Wow…  What a difference one afternoon’s work had made to my flower garden!

I believe that our lives and gardens are quite similar.  Like in gardening, dedicated moments of care also produce wonderful results in life.   This month’s personal dreams (goals) I’ve established for myself were meant to do just that; along with an assortment of daily self-care items to include drinking scads of filtered water, affirming myself, writing in my journal, creating art, practicing yoga, enjoying meditation, exercising, making healthy food choices, etc., etc., etc.

Akin to preparing the soil, planting the seeds and ensuring your garden is well-nourished, what efforts can you take in your life right now that will enable you to grow, thrive and, ultimately, bloom in the months ahead?  BTW, have I mentioned I’m a huge proponent of writing down one’s intentions (hint, hint)? ;) T.