Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrating Tea!

An art journal entry dedicated to my love of tea!

It’s no secret that I enjoy relaxing with a hot cup of tea.  Many of my beloved artist’s dates include stopping and sipping tea somewhere fun.  My mid-morning tea break is an honored ritual I carry out each day while working the 9 to 5 (I consider it a mini respite of sorts.).  Even when I’m housecleaning or tackling a large, difficult project at home, I’ll infuse mini tea “parties” into my schedule.  And after a long, challenging day, there’s nothing that soothes me more than a hot cup of tea! For me, tea sipping makes any experience more fun, calming and nurturing.

One might say I’ve become somewhat of a tea snob in these past few years…  For this girl’s palate, only herbal and green teas are allowed!  And, sure it’s fine if I’m sipping from a Starbucks to go cup, but nothing matches tea tasted from a lovely china teacup.  A girl’s just gotta have a luxury or two, right?

This month, it seems I’ve literally paid homage to tea’s important place in my life: 
  • I’m reading Alexandra Stoddard’s “Tea Celebrations.”  I adore this book!  Actually, I love anything this fave author writes, but what a treat to read her take on an activity that is also near and dear to my own heart.   
  • Mark and I visited the sweetest little tea parlor while exploring a quaint little town in Michigan last week.  Mark drank soda while there (No, thanks!), but I savored two yummy pots of tea (along with scads of conversation with my husband).   Yes, two pots…
  • While at the tea parlor, I purchased two varieties of loose leaf tea that I’d never purchased before: white peony and hibiscus.  All I can say is, “Yum!”
  • I’m attending a tea event this weekend: An Afternoon Tea and Spring Bling.  It’s sponsored by the local Women’s Club and it benefits their women’s scholarship program.  My invite indicates this lux event features “accessorizing with scarves, delicious delicacies and special teas!”  Plus, they advised attendees to be sure and wear their bling and scarves.  I pretty much think I’m ready to go:  Bling—check! Scarf—check! Plus, I’m wearing the perfect get-up (a lovely tea-length dress with a matching lace jacket)!  It’s this girly-girl’s idea of a dreamy afternoon—no doubt!

A scene from last week's tea parlor adventure!
What activity brings more fun, calm, and nurturing into your life?  I would relish hearing about it.  In the meantime, cheers! Or, dare I say, “Cheerio!”?  T.