Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Fashion Trends I Adore!

The Return of the Maxi Dress
Yes! Yes! Yes! It is classic, stylish, and oh so feminine.  This one happens to be vintage.  I bought it on Etsy recently, and plan on wearing it to a women's luncheon later this month.  And, in case it’s not evident, this femme simply cannot wait to do so!

Beige/Nude Heels
Adam Glassman, who writes a fashion column for O Magazine, has deemed beige heels as a "classy item you can never go wrong with."  And, I wholeheartedly agree.  I especially cherish this pair because I found them on clearance for $12, last summer, when specifically shopping for a pair of neutral-colored heels.  Hooray for things that work out better than even imagined!

Polka Dots
I have always had a crush on these things!  Not that they’ve ever gone out of style, but polka dots are most certainly chic-to-the-max this spring.  The dress pictured above, is one I’ve held onto and worn for 10 years now.  It was a Mother’s Day gift from Mark.  Yes, it has sentimental value, but, regardless of that, I never seem to tire of it.  I’ll pair it with a jean jacket and boots, or a cardigan, or a plain white T.  Or, when it’s really warm, simply belt it at the waist and sport it solo.  Oh, and, BTW, it’s long enough to be considered a maxi dress.  Yay!

Breton Stripes
This Francophile loves Breton stripes!  And, right now they are all the rage.   I have a couple of Breton-striped shirts, but I also own a pencil skirt in this pattern.  I will definitely be wearing these Parisian-inspired pieces lots this spring!

Vintage (Anything!!!)
It's probably clear from past posts (here and here), that I heart vintage apparel.  Pictured above is a leopard-print (also hot right now) vintage tunic I recently purchased from Etsy.  I pair it with a pair of black slacks or a jacket + leggings + tall boots and I’m good to go!

I saw an article in a magazine recently that read, "Lace Any Place!"  As of late, this seems to echo my own personal philosophy, too.  The lovely piece displayed above is vintage, yet another Etsy purchase...and I adore it!  The detail might not be clear enough to tell it, but the black maxi dress shown in the first photo above has darling lace sleeves.  Yes, I'm wearin' lace any place these days!

What are you excited to sport this spring?  I would love hearing from you!  T.