Monday, April 16, 2012

Flower Power!

This little lovely sits in a vase on my desk!

I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of a flower…

This week, a lovely red rose sits on my desk in a simple bud vase.  You see, I celebrated my wedding anniversary a few days ago; which means Mark bestowed upon me a dozen red roses (how heavenly!).  Eleven of these lovelies are nestled inside a vintage vase in my kitchen.  And, the twelfth one… well, she’s the one I brought along with me to the office.  Flowers always bring me joy—even when I buy them for myself!  Fresh flowers in my workspace revitalize me, make me smile, force me to literally stop and smell the roses (or whatever sweet-smelling variety I might have displayed).  

Even though some of my garden’s perennials are in bloom (namely, the tulips and daffodils), it’s still a bit early (given northwest Ohio’s chill temps) to get myself immersed in full-on flower gardening (despite my cravings for it!).  I do, however, hope to plant two large pots of pansies for the front porch next weekend.  This simple task is a nice way to get my gardening fix in the interim (smile).  Knowing I will see those beautiful pansies every time I leave or arrive back home already makes me feel happy. 

I’m even drinking scads of flowers these days (for both health and happiness)!  I discovered jasmine tea a few years ago.  It’s now a staple of my tea diet; along with a longtime favorite, chamomile.  Recently, while out and about, I purchased a couple of other great floral teas:  white peony and hibiscus (this variety includes rose petals, rose hips and lavender).  Yum!  It’s hard for me not to imagine lush flower gardens as a sip these great teas.  The delight is not only on my palette; its’ in my mind…and, this is undoubtedly a pleasant experience.

A rose is a rose.  A daisy is a daisy.  A mum is a mum.  What I know is that I heart them all for the many powerfully-wonderful effects they bring me.  Wishing you bouquet upon bouquet of flower power on this lovely Monday! T.