Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Intuitively Restful

Sometimes, I just know…  I know when it’s time to give myself needed rest and relaxation; like last Sunday afternoon, after returning from a local botanical garden where I spent time with Mark luxuriating amongst the lovely tulips.  I came home, so very excited and inspired by all the beauty I saw there.  Yet, I was exhausted.  In retrospect, there were plenty of good explanations for it.  The week before had been action packed.  I don’t think my calendar had one blank spot on it (and, that included evenings, too!).  Plus, I’d spent my Saturday traveling to and from Columbus; which was awesome—albeit one long day.  So, without hesitation, Tabitha (my tabby cat) and I settled in on the sofa for an afternoon nap.  I just knew it’s what I needed to do!

Sometimes, however, a nap is not enough.  I need a day, morning or afternoon to myself to do nothing; aside from being still, nurturing myself, feeding my soul.  I know this when the little things people say (and don’t say) bother me.  I know this when I’m fixated over a scuff on my bootie.  I know this when my morning tea break doesn’t seem like an exciting respite.  I could go on…

Today, I had originally planned to take a vacation day.  But, more recently I’d pretty much talked myself into only taking a half a day for various reasons (“I’ll save my leave time for later,” “There are a few things I need to do in the office Wednesday morning,” etc.).  After stopping to listen to the small, yet wise voice residing deep within, I’ve reassessed this, though; simply because, I know better.  And, as a result, I’ve given myself a much-needed day off!

May your Wednesday be relaxing, restorative and laden with intuitive restfulness!  T.