Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Honoring My Inspirations

A few weeks back, I began reading Gail McMeekin’s “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women Journal" while simultaneously participating in her affiliated online Facebook course.  It’s been a wonderful experience that has led to a number of revelations (aha’s) as a result.  One of them, I had to share…

McMeekin encourages women to continuously honor their creative inspirations—and to do so at the moment these juicy tidbits reveal themselves to us.  She relayed a story about a friend who, while driving, had a terrific idea for a new book.  Unfortunately, by the time her friend reached her destination, she couldn’t remember it.  McMeekin advises that when an idea of merit appears in our consciousness, we should stop what we are doing and, at a bare minimum, record the thought for future consideration.  Hmmm...this means if a fab inspiration comes to me while I’m driving, I should safely pull over and write it down!

Lately, I’ve been making a conscious effort to record any valued ideas my Wise Self whispers to me.  With my cell phone always in tow, there’s no excuse of being without pen and paper!  

Some of these yummy inklings, I am happy to say, I’ve acted upon immediately. For example, last Sunday, I was all set to do a few tasks around the house.  But, I felt an inner nudge to stop and paint in my art journal.  So, I did.  This only took a brief time out of my routine; which means I still was able to accomplish what I’d originally set out to do as well.  What ultimately resulted from my actions was a piece of art that made me smile.  

Later that same afternoon, I went out onto the patio and wrote on my journal's artwork.  And, what did I write about?  I gave myself the “Atta girl” for listening to my Wise Self and honoring my creative inspirations, of course! 

I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on the importance of honoring our creative ideas.  Please share!  T.