Friday, April 27, 2012

Bitten by Reality

This Saturday, I’m attending Downtown BG’s Fine Arts, Food and Fashion Luncheon with a dear friend.  And, needless to say, I’m somewhat excited about it! 

For some reason, though, I’ve been practically obsessed about what to wear.  Originally, I’d envisioned it being a bright, sunny, somewhat-warm spring afternoon; meaning the ideas for spring ensembles were poppin' in this head of mine (smile).  Imagine my dread when I saw the possibility of showers, coupled with nasty cooler temps forecasted for that day (with the likelihood of snow on Saturday night—that is my idea of far too cold!!). 

Here I was, last Monday a.m., all caught up in the “tragedy” of this situation; when, reality literally bit me—and good.  In the midst of my angst, an email message surfaced on my iPhone, and it immediately grabbed my attention.  The note was from my youngest sister and it had no subject line in it (enough to make me open it with a sense of concern).  My heart sank the moment I began reading that she had not been feeling well as of late.  What’s important to know is that my darling little sister marked five years of living cancer free last fall.  As I read on, it seems the recent scare (although very much a valid concern since she had exhibited the same systems six years ago (just prior to her cancer diagnosis)) turned out to be linked to another health issue, which, although can be serious if left untreated, is less of a concern and very much treatable (a vitamin B-12 deficiency). 

Having finished her message, my feelings quickly shifted to those of sheer relief, joy, and gratitude.  My mind’s new focus was on the realization of what truly matters, and how easy that is to forget!  Cooler temps, thunder showers, bad hair day—whatever—bring it on!  I’ve connected myself (at least this week—it is so easy to get off track!) to what actually matters in life.  And, I am vowing to use this precious gift the next time I get caught up in what’s truly menial stuff. 

Reality’s bite was the jolt I needed to reassess what matters most.  Having a better grasp on what truly makes a difference, I’m feeling happy, this weekend, no matter what.  T.