Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Pedi as a Cure

 Tabitha (the diva tabby cat) admiring a recent pedicure

Despite the fact that it's an ordinary mid-week day, excitement hangs in the air as I write from my den early this morning.  That's because, this evening, I am treating myself to a pedicure on my way home from the 9 to 5.  Sure, my feet will look and feel great, afterwards; making them sandal and open-toed shoes ready for this lovely spring that has graced us with her presence.  But, the real “cure” in pedicure extends far deeper for me…

You see, I’ll emerge from the salon this evening also feeling personally relaxed, empowered (for taking time solely for me!), pampered and, yes, pretty.  And, that’s a luxurious way to feel!  With that said, a pedicure is decidedly an indulgence I grant myself no less than monthly…without a second thought. 

Below is a sampling of other extravagances I love to engage in (both on a regular and occasional basis).  Many of these lovelies cost me very little or nothing--aside from my time.  All, however, are absolutely delicious, and, like my beloved pedi’s, make me feel fabulous afterward:
  • Spend a morning or afternoon in bed while reading or journaling (with candles lit, jazz tunes playing and Tabitha (my cat) by my side);
  • Play dress-up (read more about this decadent practice here);
  • Say, “No” to an event I have no interest in attending in lieu of spending an evening on the patio watching the sun set with Mark (husband);
  • Get a haircut, trim, highlights or deep conditioning treatment (and treat it like a spa experience versus “mandatory maintenance");
  • Take extra steps to ensure I feel pretty (apply lipstick, wear a sparkly vintage brooch, belt a cardigan with a silk scarf, sport my leopard-print stilettos);
  • Practice mindfulness when speaking with others;
  • Affirm myself;
  • Savor a mani, massage or facial;
  • Send hand-written notes or letters to family and friends;
  • Write from an outdoor café with a latte or tea at hand.

What little indulgences can you gift yourself today?  Please share!  T.