Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Get Over It…Hump Day, That Is!

Why is it that festive moods are so often reserved solely for Fridays?  Wednesday’s (or any days for that matter) don’t have to be ho hum, do they???  I say, “Get over it!”  Hump day, that is; with a plan to infuse your day with numerous soul massages and mini celebrations. 

Soul massages can easily be worked into any day—making it more fun, meaningful, serene + memorable. Something as simple as spending five-minutes enjoying meditation when I wake in the morning, relaxing into a yoga pose mid-day, savoring a tea break at my desk or spending time while driving to create a mental list of the things I am grateful for, soothe, revitalize and elate me.  When I’ve got a tough day ahead of me (with seemingly nothing special to look forward to), I’ll pull out my journal the evening before and craft a plan to sprinkle these little gems throughout the coming day (You see…when I write my wishes down, I’m more likely to follow through with them!). 

The practice of celebrating all steps taken throughout my day (even the small ones) also picks me up and moves me forward in a very pleasing way.  For example, when I first decided to open my Etsy shop, pulling out my calendar and scheduling time to explore this further was a necessary starting point.  When I did, it warranted this girl giving herself a well-deserved pat on the back for doing so!  Yay!!! As an added reward, I took a break from the 9 to 5 and gave myself a few minutes of fresh air outdoors (that was another soul massage, right?)!!! ;)

What soul massages will you work into your day, today?  And, how will you celebrate all steps taken?  T.