Monday, April 30, 2012

An Intro to Vision Boards

Vision boards are wonderful tools for so many reasons.  My vision board collages have found themselves on both small and large poster boards as well as file and school folders.  Here are some of the ways in which I use them:
Dream attainment tools:  A vision board displays my quarterly goals visually, so, I display these where I’ll see them daily.  That way, I am more likely to be reminded of the things I wish to manifest.  This makes me more motivated to take action in attaining them! The one pictured below I created in 2010 at a women's retreat lead by author, Jennifer Louden. I've since incorporated it into my art journal.

I do have to confess…  Ever since my art journaling efforts have increased, I rarely use vision boards to help me achieve my quarterly goals.  I view my art journal daily—which serves the same purpose since my goals are listed and collaged there.  I do, however, use vision boards for large-scale idea mapping and as style boards.

Idea boards:  In developing a concept for my second book, I have crafted a vision board.  Right now, it is strategically displayed in my home office.  It serves as a place where I continue to visualize ideas.  I add to it frequently and view it daily.  It is my starting point for this sizable endeavor.  Although it’s not a technique I’ve tried, some folks even use bulletin boards in this same manner.  

Style boards:  Too many times in the past, I’ve admired an outfit displayed in a magazine or catalog, and thought, “I could get that same look using pieces in my own closet!”  Unfortunately, I would then proceed in totally forgetting about it.  Now, I take time, seasonally, to collage fashion images onto a vision board.  It enables me to creatively stretch my wardrobe so much further, and consistently reminds me of the style I strive to convey.  The one pictured below was created last fall.

Please let me and other readers know if you use vision boards, and if so, how.  T.